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Seek 2019


From: Saturday, 15 June 2019 To: Saturday, 22 June 2019


Town Centre Dundalk Louth

Seek - a Contemporary Urban Arts Festival.  The festival is centred around promoting visual arts in Dundalk.

By commissioning established and emerging artists, locally, nationally and internationally, the aim is to help promote the town culturally and artistically, repositioning the area as a vibrant hub for creativity.  Seek 2019 will highlight the important influence art can have in the public domain, its role as a catalyst for change, helping reinvigorate and refresh some of our town centre spaces.  In turn the story behind the artwork helps with both telling Dundalk's story and connecting people to our heritage.

Sat 15th June | 12:00 - 4:00 pm | Market Square - Art Workshop

Children and teenager painting workshop with artist Sean McGuill.  Participants will each paint a square wooden tile.  These will be combined to form a large urban mosaic.  Suitable for children 5yrs-12yrs and teenagers 12yrs-16yrs.  (No booking necessary)

Sat 15th June | 7:00pm | Creative Spark - Launch Night

Meet the Artists -invited artists will give a short presentation of their previous work and their plans for the festival (open to the public).

Sun 16th -Sat 22nd June | 2:00pm Daily | Dundalk Tourist Office - Guided Tours

Walking tours to the three sites being painted, with discussion of the background to the three themes: Cuchulainn; Edward the Bruce; Peter Rice.

For more information Visit Website or facebook page.