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The River Boyne

Boann - the goddessThe River Boyne derives its name from the legendary Celtic goddess Boann (or Boand).  The story goes that there was once a magical well - the Well of Wisdom (Tobar Segais in Irish) - which belogned to Nechtain, King of Leinster and husband to the godess Boann.  Nechtain was very protective of his magical well and no one but he and his three cup bearers were permitted to viist it. 
One day Boann decided to visit the well and see for herself its wonders.  Some say she walked around the well three times counter sun-wise, others say she merely peered into its magical depths.  Whatever the case, the waters of the well rose up - blinding, mutilating and drowning the goddess - and then rushed seawards turning into a river. 
Though nothing remains of the mythical well, it's waters remain in the form of the River Boyne, named after the drowned Goddess Boann.