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Drogheda Tourist Office


Tholsel West Street Drogheda

Opening Hours: 

  • April - September: Monday to Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm (including Bank Holidays)
  • October - March: Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

Innovative Tourist Exhibition

An exhibition with interactive screens has been installed in the Tholsel, Drogheda Tourist Office. The touch screen display introduces both locals and visitors alike to the joys of exploring Drogheda and the Boyne Valley.

Drogheda is a magnificent medieval town and it truly is the Gateway to the Boyne Valley. But all of that heritage and history is not easy to explain in a mere soundbite. This beautiful, informative and helpful exhibition has been developed to help visitors of all ages make the most of their visit to the area.

The permanent exhibition focuses on five key themes: Ancient Secrets, Beating Hearts, Conflict & Power, Holy Ground and Beauty & Romance. Each section introduces the history of the region under that title, and outlines the things to explore, see and do.  The interactive touch screens give an opportunity for children to explore and play with the little hidden gems on screen. 

The exhibition also showcases the heritage of the Tholsel itself, which has been home to the Tourist Office since October 2010. It incorporates a display of historic artefacts from the renowned Millmount Museum.

Ireland's Ancient East within Drogheda and the Boyne Valley will appeal to the culturally curious traveller. Therefore local arts, crafts, literature and music of the region have been incorporated into the exhibition to help visitors understand the depth of the cultural offering in the region.

Come and visit the exhibition today and then explore the beauty of Drogheda and the Boyne Valley. 

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