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2023 will see the first national Bank Holiday to celebrate St. Brigid and according to leading Brigidine experts, 2024 marks the 1,500th anniversary of her death. With this in mind a series of initiatives is planned to run between the 2023 and 2024 celebrations to create a meaningful legacy for all to enjoy and participate in.

The Brigid1500 programme will seek to engage communities throughout the county of Louth to come together and celebrate the life and legacy of Brigid. It is planned to hold a series of events including a live concert during the year to include local musicians and choirs.  Our libraries and county museum will be hosting a series of workshops and lectures throughout the year centred around the theme of St Brigid. A series of textile and artistic creations by local artist(s) will be exhibited during the 2024 celebrations.  And of course it is planned to have walking tours at the place of her birth at Faughart, taking in the Shrine and St Brigids' well.  

There will be a host of other opportunities for everyone to immerse themselves in the history and legacy of Brigid.

There are also plans to partner with Kildare on a number of events in the run up to the 1500 anniversary commemorations in 2024, which gives both counties an opportunity to celebrate the legacy of their shared Saint.

Keep an eye on our website for further details on the Brigid1500 plans in Louth, or contact the email address above for more information.

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