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Blackrock Co. Louth

The beautiful and very special  village of Blackrock in Co. Louth is south of Dundalk town nestled on  the shoreline of Dundalk Bay with the Cooley Peninsula to the north and the viking settlement of Annagassan to the south, both visible from the promenade and main street framing the Village, giving it a unique and spectacular setting.

Over the years it has been a popular seaside village with an ancient fishing heritage and a tradition in hospitality dating back to victorian times.  The village has grown and developed  to become a destination village offering something for everyone from day-trippers and holidaymakers to adventurers.

Its beaches are Blackrock’s  main attraction for swimmers, families and water sport enthusiasts. Its protected & world reknowned Wetlands and bird sanctuaries are a huge attraction for all nature lovers. The Promenade is unique in its proximity to the main beach as well as to artisan shops, boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants.  The village boasts award winning recreational facilities including its park with facilities for the young and old to enjoy.

But more than anything, to experience Blackrock take the time to sit on the promenade wall with an  ice-cream or a bag of chips and take in the vista and fresh sea air.  A local character,  Danny Hughes was known for his many proverbs, one of which was, “The Blackrock sea air was scientifically proven to be the best in all of Ireland”.

Check out the interactive Blackrock Tourist Guide & Walking Map here and explore the village for a truly memorable experience. 

Download the Blackrock Visitor Information leaflet here.

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