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St. Mochta's House, Medieval Monastery


Louth Village Dundalk

St Mochta was a disciple of St Patrick, who established a monastery in Louth around 528. There are no physical remains from the early monastery. The ruined buildings at the site today are the 13th century church of St Mary's Augustinian Priory and the stone roofed oratory known as St Mochta's House, which probably dates to the second half of the 12th century.
In 1934 extensive restoration work was carried out on the building.  Most of these buildings are believed to either contain the Saint's grave or display the relics of the Saint.  We also know that the relics of St Mochta were brought from Rome to St Mary's Priory in Louth during the early 13th century.  St Mochta's house still remains intact and is a notable landmark around Louth.

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