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Hill of Faughart


Faughart Dundalk

The entire top of this hill was a hill fort in Iron Age times. Later, Faughart is believed to have been the birthplace of St. Brighid (453 ad). The site comprises a small mediaeval church in ruins, St. Brigid's bed, St. Brigid's Pillar (possibly the foundations of a round tower) and St. Brigid's Well (a place of pilgrimage for locals).
Because of its strategic position, Faughart has been the site of many important battles in Irish history. In 732, the King of Ulaidh, Aedh Roin, was defeated by the Northern Uí Néill and his head was cut off on the 'Stone of Decapitation' (Cloch an Commaigh) which is located near the door of the old church.  Faughart Graveyard is the reported burial place of the Scottish King, Edward the Bruce, following his army's defeat at the Battle of Faughart on October 14 1318.

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