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Patrick Kavanagh Centre


Candlefort Inniskeen Monaghan

The Patrick Kavanagh experience is located at the heart of Inniskeen in an old church where once upon a time, Kavanagh attended mass. 

Patrick Kavanagh Experience (self guided)

Visit the Patrick Kavanagh Experience and learn about the poet’s life, poetry and landscape of Monaghan which inspired him.  His story is told through artefacts, multimedia, text and film.

Guided Tour Experience

Enjoy the Kavanagh Experience with a guided tour, including the main exhibition experience, a visit to Patrick Kavanaghs grave along with a brief tour around the village of Inniskeen including a visit to the popular Poetry Jukebox by the River Fane. 

Deluxe Guided Tour Experience

Enjoy a guided bus tour along the Kavanagh Trail in Inniskeen as well as the Patrick Kavanagh Centre Experience. Highlights include the Kavanagh Homestead, Billy Brennans Barn and the Poetry Jukebox by the River Fane. 

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