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County Museum, Dundalk


Country Museum Dundalk Roden Place Dundalk Louth

The County Museum, Dundalk is located in a beautifully restored late 18th century warehouse in the Carroll Centre at Roden Place in Jocelyn Street.  The museum opened in 1994 and offers an extensive programme of permanent exhibitions, temporary displays, drama presentations, music recitals, lecture and film.
The strength of the Museum nonetheless resides in its collection.  Chronicling the historical development of County Louth from the Stone Age up to the present, the Museum, through a combination of artefacts and computer interactives, presents this story over three galleries of permanent exhibition. 

See The Reality Of War And Conflict

From gas masks to ration books; trench art to handmade weaponry, witness the changing face of conflict as experienced by soldiers and civilians be it on a local, national or global scale, and all captured through the incredible artifacts on permanent display at the museum.

Engage With The Past…

Through artefacts, displays and thought-provoking exhibitions.  This is the story of Louth (and indeed the country).  It is the story of the first hunter-gatherers, the impact of the Vikings, the arrival of Christianity and the legacy of war on our island.  It is a story to be celebrated and questioned.  It is the story of us!


An amazing handling exhibition is also available.  

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday 10.00am - 5.00pm
Sundays and Mondays - Closed
Bank Holidays - Closed 

Admission: Free

St. Brigid of Ireland Exhibition

Running from January 27th to February 29th 2024, 'St. Brigid of Ireland' is a beautiful exhibition celebrating the life and achievement of one of our greatest saints.

The exhibition highlights her roots in both pagan and Christian traditions and her interests - in areas as diverse as dairy farming, beekeeping, the creative arts, fugitives and infants - which remain relevant to this day.

Admission: free.  Open: Tuesday - Saturday from 10am - 5pm (Closed for lunch 1pm - 2pm)

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