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West Street (top of Patrickswell Lane)


West Street Top of Patrickswells Lane Drogheda Louth

Drogheda’s first hospital

The late fifteenth-century ruined tower that we see behind West Street was part of the Augustinian Friary. It is recorded that there was another foundation to the west of this friary, situated outside the walls. This was the priory and hospital founded and endowed by Ursus de Swemele in the early thirteenth century. Unfortunately, nothing remains above ground of Swemele’s priory or hospital building.

As the Augustinian friary fell into ruin the nave walls were incorporated into cottages and mews buildings so that the former nave became the lane you see today. This narrow and picturesque lane, would once have been spanned by the tall, pointed arches of the east wall and the crossing tower (as seen in the 1820 engraving depicted on the sign).

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