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Old Abbey Lane


Old Abbey Lane Drogheda Louth

Medieval Augustinian friary (The Old Abbey)

In Drogheda, friars belonging to the Dominican, Augustinian and Franciscan orders set up monasteries within the medieval walls. The Dominicans, established on high ground to the north (of which the Magdalene Tower survives), and the Franciscans, prominently situated at the east end of the main quay (north of The Mall, on the site now occupied by Highlanes Gallery) were the wealthiest orders at that time. Little is known about the medieval Augustinians.

Documentary evidence strongly suggests that they founded their monastery near the West Gate in the late thirteenth century. After the dissolution of the monasteries in the 1540s the monastery buildings fell into ruin. Elements of the church, and most prominently, the church tower, built in the late 1400s, survive today.

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