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North Quay Corner St. Mary's Bridge - Shop Street Drogheda Louth

The making of the River Boyne

The mythical goddess Boann brought the Boyne into being by walking anti-clockwise around the Well of Wisdom. The waters rose up with great force catching Boann, who drowned. The river was named in her honour.

How the Boyne begat a hero

In Irish mythology the hazel tree was the fount of all knowledge. This was transferred to a salmon swimming in the Well of Wisdom when he ate the hazel nuts that fell from the nine surrounding hazel trees. It was prophesied that a man called Fionn would eat the salmon and gain this knowledge.

How Fionn mac Cumhaill gained his powers on the banks of the River Boyne

The poet Finnegas caught the Salmon of Knowledge. But it was his apprentice Deimne Maol who acquired its mythical powers, by accidentally tasting the salmon, having burnt his thumb and put it into his mouth to sooth the pain while preparing the fish. His real name was Fionn. Fionn mac Cumhaill  became the great leader of the Fianna.

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