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Ardee Castle


Castle Street Ardee Louth

Ardee Castle is significant for being the largest fortified medieval Tower House in Ireland.  This castle's location on the main street of the Anglo-Norman town of Ardee suggests it's use not just as a residence but also for defense of the town.

The Castle was built in the 15th century by John St. Leger and served as a stronghold for the defence of the Pale. In 1641 Sir Phelim O’Neil took possession of the town and set up the Irish Army headquaters, but the town and castle were retaken by the English Forces under the command of Sir Henry Tichborne that same year and a garrison was then placed. 

The Marquess of Ormond issued orders to the garrison to destroy the town prior to Cromwell’s arrival but these orders were not carried out and the town fell to Cromwell. James II and William of Orange stayed, at different times, in the castle prior to the Battle of the Boyne. In 1805 the castle was handed over to the Louth Grand Jury and converted into a courthouse and prison.

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