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Cúchulainn's Stone


Rathiddy Knockbridge Dundalk Louth

Clochafarmore standing stone is an impressive monument standing at over 3m high and 1.3m wide. It is believed that standing stones may mark locations where great events took place and this stone is traditionally associated with the greatest hero of Irish folklore - Cúchulainn.

He is the principal character of the epic Irish saga the Táin Bó Cuailgne (The Cattle Raid of Cooley). In this tale Cúchulainn defends Ulster from the forces of Queen Maeve of Connacht. According to legend Cúchulainn, who was fatally wounded, tied himself to this standing stone so that he could stay upright and face the opposing army.

Access requires climbing a low stile, crossing a single-strand electric cattle fence and walking for 200m across a fairly level grazing field.  The site is immediately to the south of the road from Dundalk to Knockbridge and Louth village (the r171). The parking area is 1400m east of the crossroads in Knockbridge village and about 5.5km south-west of Dundalk.

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