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Carlingford is a fine example of a medieval walled town built at the time of the Normans in the 12th century.  Enjoy a guided tour and discover Ireland’s medieval past.

Castle Tours:

The Castle Tour offers a chance to gain access to the imposing Carlingford Castle that sits perched up its rocky ledge overlooking the harbour. Learn from the local guide about its 500 years of history, including numerous wars and battles and take in the magnificent views.  A guided tour to the Castle  lasts approx 1 hour.

Tour Times:  Spring/Summer departing from the Station House (Tourist Office) from 3 pm, Daily

Price: Adults/Seniors/Students — €8.00 | Children — €4.00 (Under 5's Free) | Family of Four — €20.00 

Medieval Town Tours:

The Medieval Town Tour will take you back to the Middle Ages.  Accompanied by an experienced local guide, learn the history of sites such as the Dominican Priory, the Mint, the Tholsel, Taaffe’s Castle and Carlingford Castle, whilst enjoying a stroll through the picturesque town.

Tour Times: Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday @ 11am. Departing From The Station House (Tourist Office) 

Price: Adults/Seniors/Students — €10.00 | Children — €4.00 (Under 5's Free) |  Family of Four — €25.00

Group bookings and Private Group Tours can be organised on request. 

Visit Website (above) for more information and to book a tour.

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