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Tour guide Clodagh McKevitt has combined her love of Slieve Foye mountain and the history of the area of Carlingford to develop a range of walking tours and guided hikes that can be tailored to all ages and levels of fitness.  She aims to provide a fun and enjoyable experience, showcasing the natural beauty of the small medieval town.

Scheduled Hikes

Visit website (above) to see the list of scheduled upcoming events and to book your place.

Tailored Tours

While Clodagh can adapt a tour to suit the needs of your group, there are 3 main trails on offer:

Town Tour | Duration: 1-1.5 hours

The Town Tour covers the Medieval, social and general history of Carlingford. It is a gentle, fun tour and is rated easy on a fitness level.

Hillside History Tour | Duration: 2-2.5 hours

The Hillside History tour consists of a gentle hill walk covering the general history of the area and ending back in the town for a medieval tour. While not very strenuous this tour has some inclines and uneven rocky surfaces so an average level of fitness is required.

Mountain Myths and Legends Tour | Duration: 2.5-3.5 hours

The Mountain Myths and Legends trail will bring you up to Barnavave and down through the Deserted Village. This hike will cover pretty much a bit of everything from Celtic Myths, Vikings, Medieval and even some Railway history. A fair level of fitness is required for this one as there are some steep inclines and rocky surfaces.

Other options

There is also the option for a longer hike to the top of Slieve Foye to take in the magnificent views.

Family options are also available. This could be a trail suited to the whole family or you can split and send the kids on a Junior trail while the adults take on a more strenuous hike.

Visit Website (above) to find out more information on all tours provided.

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