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Louth Nature Trust


Templetown Carlingford Louth

The Louth Nature Trust is a voluntary, non-profit organisation which was established in February 2008. It is a conservation group formed to protect the county's natural resources and to aid in promoting awareness of, and interest in the landscape, wildlife, flora and fauna of Co. Louth.

The group promises to promote nature conservation in Co. Louth and to monitor the quality of the environment in Louth and in surrounding counties.  The Trust welcomes information and suggestions from the public on sites and issues of interest.  The Louth Nature Trust has no political affiliations.

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Little Tern Conservation Project

In collaboration with the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Heritage Council, the Louth Nature Trust has already embarked on managing the Little Tern Conservation Project at Baltray.

Little Terns are Ireland's rarest breeding seabirds which nest at only a few sites in Ireland. They require protection as the birds nest on the beach, leaving their chicks and their eggs vulnerable and in need of protection from dogs, walkers, various natural predators and other disturbances.

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