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Magic Hill


Jenkinstown Dundalk Louth

Just a few miles outside Dundalk, we have what is known as the magic hill. If you put your car at the bottom of the hill and put it into neutral, it will go back up the hill by itself. 

What causes it to roll back? Well!, there are some who say that it is a powerful magnetic force eminating from the depths of the earth that causes it. Others believe that it is just magic, and still others believe that it is caused by unseen Leprechaun’s who pull the cars from below for sheer devilment!

Directions to Magic Hill

From Dundalk or junction 18 of the M1 Motorway, take the R173 signed for Carlingford. Halfway to Carlingford you will spot a Texaco Petrol Station on the right hand side of the road. Take the first left after this, where you’ll see a sign for McCrystals Food Store. Follow the road around and past McCrystals until you reach a T-Junction. Turn right and the next immediately left, following signs for the Táin Trail. Follow the road straight to the brow of the hill, go down into a dip where you should stop (you will notice a large, brown, circular storage hut in the distance). Then watch in amazement as your car rolls back up the hill!

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